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He Is … The Fifth Most Pinteresting Man In The World

The Fifth Most Pinteresting Man In The World

In a three-year comics blogging career brimming with weird achievements, this might be the weirdest one of them all.

According to Digiday, I’m the fifth most influential man on Pinterest.

In the world.


This is so damn bizarre. By the measure of this gimcrack Curalate metric, I place fifth in terms of Pinterest “influence” (and as soon as someone learns how to cash that check, let me know!).

I do…

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The greatest loves of Peter Parker’s life, today at #comicbooks

Black Widow by Daniel Acuna. #comicbooks

Old Comics Never Die … via @MarsComicBooks

Mars Will Send No More!

Like soldiers, old comics never die … they just fade away.

Unless you have amazing comic book friends, that is!

Once again, the mysterious and unfailingly-generous Mars Will Send No More has bequeathed me a care package of comics!

Mars Will Send No More!

Mars has done this in the past, but opening a package from one of my oldest blogging pals is always a delight. I had a sense that some Defenders books were in the…

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Clobberin’ Time Gallery, today at! #comicbooks

Cap — enchanted! #comicbooks

Longbox Graveyard Sidekick Showdown March Madness — Winner Announced!


The final votes have been cast in the Longbox Graveyard Sidekick Showdown March Madness Tournament, and your champion is …

Bucky & Cap


Bucky rode a wave of last-minute Saturday votes to pull off the upset over the tournament’s top seed, Robin!

Bucky Wins!

It was a see-saw week for Bucky and Robin, with Cap’s sidekick taking an early lead, before Robin settled into a seemingly-comfortable lead by…

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You can teach a person all you want, but you can’t make them any smarter! #comicbooks