Mondo #HarleyQuinn by Matt Taylor. #comicbooks

#CaptainAmerica, by Gene Colan. #comicbooks

Polaris, by Bruce Timm. #comicbooks #XMen

#Hulk, #RocketRaccoon, bubble helmets, and outer space. What could go wrong? #comicbooks

Atari Force in the For Sale Friday spotlight, today at #comicbooks

For Sale Friday: Atari Force!

Atari Force

Welcome to another For Sale Friday! Last week I offered up my Blue Devil collection for sale, and this week, it’s Atari Force!

Atari Force

The product of an odd bit of mid-1980s corporate synergy, Atari Force was an original science fiction epic loosely connected to Atari’s various video game brands. Author Gerry Conway saw the book as license to write star-faring space opera, while artist José Luis…

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"The dark things can not stand the light." #comicbooks #GreenLantern

Appreciating Marvel’s particular genius for anti-heroes, this week at #comicbooks

Let’s Hear It For The Anti-Heroes!

my personal (anti) heroes

I churn through a lot of images in my relentless internet search for art to fill my Pinterest Galleries and Instagram photo stream, but something about this particular pinup (source unknown) made me pause and think about my comic book preferences.

my personal (anti) heroes

I’ve always been a “Marvel guy,” getting hooked on Marvel Comics in my personal “Golden Age” of 1974, and only getting into DC books in the 1980s,…

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Hulk — less massive, more menacing. By Kirby. #comicbooks